Has Approved Meaning?

Is not approved or was not approved?

“Your application is not approved” is in the present tense, and “Your application was not approved” is in the past tense..

Which preposition is used after Approve?

Approval suggests agreement or consent and can be followed by the preposition of or to. Your approval means a lot to me.

Is pre approved a word?

In lending, pre-approval is the pre-qualification for a loan or mortgage of a certain value range. The literal meaning is “at a stage before approval.” Thus, the term “pre-approved” is often used by advertisers to induce consumers to apply for the advertiser’s offer. …

What is an approval?

: an act or instance of approving something : approbation The change is subject to the committee’s approval. on approval. : subject to a prospective buyer’s acceptance or refusal stamps sent to collectors on approval.

How do you use approved in a sentence?

Approved sentence examplesDespite being brothers, neither approved of what the other did. … He wouldn’t have approved – of that she was certain. … The plan was approved by Alexander II. … What he would have approved of is our family life. … Would he have approved of you now, do you think?More items…

What is the meaning of abruptly?

adjective. sudden or unexpected: an abrupt departure. curt or brusque in speech, manner, etc.: an abrupt reply. terminating or changing suddenly: an abrupt turn in a road. having many sudden changes from one subject to another; lacking in continuity or smoothness: an abrupt writing style.

Which is the closest synonym for the word approve?

Synonyms & Antonyms of approveaccredit,approbate,authorize,clear,confirm,finalize,formalize,homologate,More items…

What is the meaning of has been approved?

Approve, commend, praise mean to have, and usually to express, a favorable opinion. To approve is to have a very good opinion, expressed or not, of someone or something: He approved the new plan.

Where we use have had?

In the present perfect, the auxiliary verb is always have (for I, you, we, they) or has (for he, she, it). In the past perfect, the auxiliary verb is always had. We use have had in the present perfect when the main verb is also “have”: I’m not feeling well.

Had been done meaning?

“have been done” is passive plural: My reports have been done. (I specify plural because in the singular it would be has: My report has been done.) “have done” is the active pluperfect (or “past perfect,” meaning an action fully completed in the past): I have done my reports.

What is the opposite word of approved?

Antonyms for approved disapproved, Refused, uncertain.

Will approve in a sentence?

1, The boss wouldn’t approve of the plan. 2, I wholeheartedly approve of his actions. 3, My parents don’t approve of me smoking cigarettes. 4, Many doctors don’t approve of unorthodox medicine.

Has been or had been?

“Has been” and “have been” are both in the present perfect tense. “Has been” is used in the third-person singular and “have been” is used for first- and second-person singular and all plural uses. … “Had been” is the past perfect tense and is used in all cases, singular and plural.

What is another word for not approved?

What is another word for not approved?outlawedbannedunofficialunwarrantableunwarrantedviolatingwildcatwrongfulnot legalsub rosa197 more rows

What type of word is approval?

noun. the act of approving; approbation. formal permission or sanction.

Is it approved or has approved?

” Your leave has been approved” is correct so is ” your leave is approved “. The word ” has been” sounds very passive. Whereas, “is approved” is direct and straight to the point. Personally, I would use “has been approved” because it looks polite.

Is the term that means to approve?

approve, endorse, sanction, accredit, certify mean to have or express a favorable opinion of.

Had been meaning?

“Had been” means something began in the past, lasted for some time, then ended. This is entirely in the past. … This verb tense is known as past perfect.