How Do I Match Transactions In QuickBooks Desktop?

Can you import bank transactions into QuickBooks desktop?

If you’re outside of QuickBooks Desktop Open a web browser and go to your bank’s website.

Sign in to your bank account using your normal process.

Download your transactions as a QuickBooks Web Connect (.

Once you have the Web Connect file, follow the steps to import it into QuickBooks Desktop..

How do I manually enter transactions in QuickBooks desktop?

How to Record Register Transactions in QuickBooks1To display an account register, choose the Banking→Use Register command. … 2To select the account that you want to use, open the Select Account drop-down list, select the bank account, and then click OK. … 3Use the Date column of the register to record the date of the deposit, payment, or transfer.More items…

How do I manually match transactions in QuickBooks?

Match with an existing transactionFind a downloaded transaction with the Match option in the Action column.Note the Date, Description, Payee, and amount spent or received.Select the downloaded transaction to expand the view.Review the Matching records found. … Select the link next to each match to get more details.More items…•

How do I match multiple transactions in QuickBooks?

Here’s how to match multiple transactions with your downloaded bank transactions:Go to Banking.Click Use Register.Choose the specific Bank account where the downloaded transaction is recorded.Select the specific downloaded bank transaction.Put a check mark on the transaction you want to match.More items…•

How do I search for transactions in QuickBooks desktop?

Search for transactions using the magnifying glass Enter the date, amount, or transaction number you’re looking for, then select the desired transaction. If the transaction you’re looking for does not appear on the results list, select Advanced Search. Adjust the filters to find the type of data you want.