How Often Is The Week Published?

Can you buy the week junior in shops?

Subscribe to The Week Junior The Week Junior is an award-winning current affairs magazine for 8-14 year olds.

The Week Junior costs £1.99 in the shops, but to give you and your family the chance to really get to know the magazine, your subscription will start with 6 free issues..

What kind of news is the week?

The Week is a weekly news magazine with editions in the United Kingdom and United States. The British publication was founded in 1995 and the American edition started in 2001; an Australian edition was published between 2008 and 2012.

Where can you buy the week?

The Week Magazine Subscription | Buy at | UK Current Affairs.

How often is the week Junior published?

Browse a trial issue to sample the fascinating array of content The Week Junior offers, every week. New issues of The Week Junior are published every Friday, arriving on your doorstep in time for the weekend (overseas delivery dates vary).

What day of the week does the Week magazine come out?

Every Friday The Week Junior’s parent title The Week provides the unique opportunity to reflect on the last 7 days in preparation for the week ahead.

What age is the week Junior for?

The Week Junior is a brilliant current affairs magazine for children aged between 8 and 14.

Who is William Falk?

William Falk. William Falk is editor-in-chief of The Week, and has held that role since the magazine’s first issue in 2001. He has previously been a reporter, columnist, and editor at the Gannett Westchester Newspapers and at Newsday, where he was part of two reporting teams that won Pulitzer Prizes.

Who owns and publishes the week?

But its formula for success may be just as surprising. Jolyon Connell and Jeremy O’Grady, two British journalists, created The Week, which resembles in some respects the original Time.

Is the week Junior online?

Digital Edition. As the school year quickly approaches, we are currently making upgrades to our digital platform for The Week Junior. This new platform will work best on tablets and computers, with more user-friendly features for young readers.

What is the week Ltd?

The Week is a family of publications which began with a print magazine more than 20 years ago. It now also includes digital editions of the magazine, with weekly apps for iPads, iPhones and Android devices – and a website that publishes distinctive online stories throughout the week.

How much is subscription to the week?

Read The Week in print and on your phone, tablet or laptop. Includes interactive maps, access to our weekly crossword and archived issues from the past two years. Like what you read? Then your subscription will continue at £40.49 every 13 issues thereafter – that’s a saving of 55% on the cover price.


Dennis PublishingNEW YORK, March 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dennis Publishing, the transatlantic media company behind trusted newsmagazine The Week, today releases the premiere issue of its newest endeavor, The Week Junior.

Is the week junior weekly?

The Week Junior is an award-winning current affairs magazine for 8–14 year olds. It’s delivered weekly, and is filled with fascinating stories and information, written to engage curious minds.

How do I cancel the week Junior?

Your subscription will continue until the end of the paid term. If you prefer to cancel immediately, simply contact us and we will arrange for a refund of all un–mailed copies.

Who published the week?

The Week is owned by Dennis Publishing Ltd, which was founded by Felix Dennis. In July 2018, Exponent, a British private equity firm, acquired Dennis Publishing Ltd. The US publisher is The Week Publications Inc. The Week rely on digital advertising for revenue.