Question: Which Industries Should Be Set Up In The Rural Areas To Create Employment Opportunities?

Which local industries in semi rural areas can provide job opportunities for the unemployment?

Which local industries in semi-rural areas can provide job opportunities for the unemployed.

Answer: Setting up dal mills to procure and process pulses and then sell them in the cities..

Which type of industries can be set up to provide employment and increase income of the farmers in semi rural areas?

In villages near forest areas we can start honey collection centres, where farmers can come and sell wild pure honey. . It is also possible to set up industries that process vegetables and agricultural produce like potato, sweet potato, rice, wheat, tomato, fruits, which can be sold in outside markets.

How do I get more jobs in rural areas Gd?

Ways to create more jobs in rural areas: Raising farmers’ income is very important to boost the agricultural sector. For that, Minimum Support Price should be increased. Taking steps to boost Agri exports can also create number of jobs. Encouraging non-farming activities, such as dairy farming, fisheries etc.

How do you solve lack of job opportunities?

Suggestions to Solve Unemployment ProblemFollowing are the suggestions to solve unemployment problem:(i) Change in industrial technique:(ii) Policy regarding seasonal unemployment:(iii) Change in education system:(iv) Expansion of Employment exchanges:(v) More assistance to self employed people:More items…•

What are employment opportunities?

an opportunity of employment. Our aim is to provide more job opportunities for unemployed people. areas with few job opportunities.

How can we increase employment in the short term Class 10?

1 AnswerThe ways by which more employment can be created in a country like India are:(i) If more dams are built and canal water is provided to all the small farmers, a lot of employment can be generated in agriculture sector.(ii) Providing cheap credit facilities and crop insurance can result in more employment.More items…

What are the other sectors in which employment can be increased?

Employment can be increased in urban areas as follows: 1) Education facilities should be increased so as to employ more teaching staff. 2) Health facilities also need to be improved, increasing job opprtunities for doctors, nurses, health workers, etc. 3) Tourism can also be seen as a development factor.

Which type generates jobs in rural areas?

More employment in rural areas can be created by taking following steps:Farmers should diversify agriculture and adopt horticulture, animal rearing, organic farming, pisciculture besides farming.Government should take necessary steps to provide loans to farmers at cheaper rates and from formal sources of credit.More items…•

How do you provide employment opportunities?

Here are the eight job creation strategies that give the most bang for the buck.Reduce Interest Rates. … Spend on Public Works. … Spend on Unemployment Benefits. … Cut Business Payroll Taxes for New Hires. … Defense Spending and Job Creation. … When to Use Expansionary Fiscal Policy. … Job Creation Statistics. … Presidents Adding Jobs.

How can we create more jobs in urban and rural areas?

(iii) Promotion of small scale industries and self-help groups will create employment in urban areas. (iv) Tertiary activities like inclusive banking, promotion of market etc can penetrate service sector to rural areas and induce mobilisation and growth in Primary sector and ultimately create employment.

How can we create more employment opportunities in urban areas explain with examples?

The various ways for generating employment opportunities in urban areas are as follows:More Industries should be set up to provide large scale employment to the people.Education system should be made job oriented.Tourism as a industry should be promoted.Healthcare sector can create large employment in Urban areas.

How do you create more employment in the primary sector?

what can be suggestion to create more employment in the agriculture sector. Pls explain.Seeds and fertilizers could be subsidized.Loans could be given to farmers to dig wells to irrigate their land.Dams can be built to irrigate dry areas.Storage facilities could be provided.Transport facilities could be increased.More items…•

How can we improve employment in India?

Some of the suggestive measures the Indian government can take to increase employment are:Improve quality of education. … Invest in technology. … Invest in physical infrastructure. … Structural reforms by lower taxes. … Lower interest rates.