Quick Answer: How Do You Set A Remote To Track A Branch?

How do you set a local branch to track a remote branch?

Set Upstream A local branch can track a remote branch using git-branch with long option –set-upstream-to= or short option -u .

The command sets up branchname ‘s tracking information.

If no branchname is specified, then it defaults to the current branch..

What does it mean to track a remote branch?

A ‘tracking branch’ in Git is a local branch that is connected to a remote branch. When you push and pull on that branch, it automatically pushes and pulls to the remote branch that it is connected with.

How do I track a branch?

If you want to see what tracking branches you have set up, you can use the -vv option to git branch . This will list out your local branches with more information including what each branch is tracking and if your local branch is ahead, behind or both.

How do I change a remote branch?

In order to switch to a remote branch, make sure to fetch your remote branch with “git fetch” first. You can then switch to it by executing “git checkout” with the “-t” option and the name of the branch.

How do you track a remote?

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How do I remove a remote tracking branch?

git-stop-tracking-remote-branch.md You don’t have to delete your local branch. Simply delete your remote tracking branch: git branch -d -r origin/ (This will not delete the branch on the remote repo!) That will make any push/pull completely unaware of origin/.