Quick Answer: What Is The Extension Name Of Microsoft Word?

What is another word for extension?

SYNONYMS FOR extension 1 stretching, expansion, enlargement, increase, dilation.

3 lengthening, protraction, continuation.

4 delay..

What is file in MS Word?

In Microsoft Word and other Microsoft Office products, the File tab is a section on the Office Ribbon that gives you access to file functions. For example, from the File tab, you can access the Open, Save, Close, Properties, and Recent file options. … The File tab is the blue button in the upper-left corner.

What is word extension?

The DOCX and DOC file extensions are used for Microsoft Word documents, part of the Microsoft Office Suite productivity software.

What is extension name example?

A file extension (or simply “extension”) is the suffix at the end of a filename that indicates what type of file it is. For example, in the filename “myreport. txt,” the . … While most file extensions are three characters in length, they can be as short as one character or longer than twenty characters.

What is the name of MS Word?

Simonyi started work on a word processor called Multi-Tool Word and soon hired Richard Brodie, a former Xerox intern, who became the primary software engineer. Microsoft announced Multi-Tool Word for Xenix and MS-DOS in 1983. Its name was soon simplified to Microsoft Word.

What program is used in MS Word to check the spelling?

Use Microsoft Word’s spell-checker and thesaurus Microsoft Word’s spelling checker can help with the spelling of words that you are uncertain about.

What is the opposite word of extension?

enlargement, continuation: body, contraction, abridgment, compression, shortening, curtailment, subtraction, abbreviation, lessening, decrease, base, reduction.

What is an extension to a building called?

ANSWER. Extension to a building. ANNEXE. Extension to a main building (5) ANNEX.

What’s the meaning of add on?

: something added on: such as. a : a sum or amount added on. b : something (such as an accessory or added feature) that enhances the thing it is added to computer hardware add-ons.

What is the file extension of MS Word 2007 document?

Those students and faculty using Microsoft (MS) Office and/or Word 2007 should save their files with a “. doc” extension instead of the MS Office 2007 default “. docx” extension.

What is the extension of Word 2010?

docxFile Extension In Word 2010 Microsoft Word 2010 uses the . docx file extension to save documents. However, a document that has the . docx file extension isn’t necessarily a Word 2010 document; it may also be a Word 2007 document as that is the extension used by that release of Word.

How many types of alignment are there?

fourThere are four main alignments: left, right, center, and justified. Left-aligned text is text that is aligned with a left edge. Right-aligned text is text that is aligned with a right edge. Centered text is text that is centered between two edges.