Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Capture?

What is the antonyms of capture?

Antonyms: discharge, dismiss, free, liberate, release, set free.

Synonyms: apprehend, arrest, catch, detain, hold, make prisoner, restrain, secure, seize, stop, take into custody, take prisoner..

What is the synonym of capture?

catch, apprehend, seize, arrest. take prisoner, take captive, take into custody. imprison, detain, put in jail, throw in jail, put behind bars, put under lock and key, incarcerate. lay hold of, abduct, carry off, take. trap, snare, ensnare, net, hook, reel in, land, beach.

What does Encaptured mean?

encapture (third-person singular simple present encaptures, present participle encapturing, simple past and past participle encaptured) transitive – To capture.

What is the antonym of bought?

Near Antonyms for bought. dealt (in), marketed, merchandised.

What is opposite of spoiled?

Opposite of organically decayed or broken down. undecomposed. fresh. unspoiled.

What capture means?

The verb to capture means to grab, trap, or take something that doesn’t want to be grabbed, trapped, or taken.

Is uncaptured a word?

Definitions for uncaptured. un·cap·tured.

What is the opposite word of captured?

Opposite of to have captured by force. freed. emancipated. liberated. released.

What is the opposite word of collected?

Antonyms for collected agitated, excited, worried, disorganized, upset.

What is opposite old?

Opposite Word of old: “fresh, new, young, youthful”

What is opposite of float?

float(verb) put into the water. “float a ship” Antonyms: go down, settle, go under, sink.

Which word goes with capture?