Quick Answer: Who Owned Radio Caroline?

Who were the original DJs on Radio Caroline?

Radio Caroline was founded in 1964 to play pop music all day, at a time when broadcasting was dominated by the BBC and pop was played for an hour a week.

Disc jockeys Johnnie Walker (left) and Robbie Dale were DJs for the station, which continued to broadcast after the act passed..

Was radio rock a true story?

And, according to film adverts, it’s “Inspired by a True Story.” … For those who lived during this period, the film’s fictional Radio Rock is bound to recall Radio Caroline , the most fabled of the 60s pirates. It started broadcasting in 1964 and enjoyed a brief heyday before a governmental crackdown in 1967.

Where was Radio Caroline broadcast?

pirate coverage of pop music On Easter, 1964, Radio Caroline began broadcasting from a ship anchored in international waters off the coast of Essex in southeastern England.

When did Radio Caroline sink?

March 20, 1980Radio Caroline sinks March 20, 1980 Pirate station goes down in heavy seas. DUBBED ‘the ship that rocked the world’, pirate pop radio station Radio Caroline sank in heavy seas in the Thames Estuary.

What was the last song played on Radio Caroline?

The last song played, from the recently released Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, A Day in the Life… and then silence. But Radio Caroline announced that it would defy the law and continue broadcasting.

Was Ronan O’Rahilly married?

Mr. O’Rahilly and his wife separated but never divorced. In addition to her and Ms. Rocha Trindade, he is survived by three sisters, Nuala Price, Iseult Broglio and Roisin O’Rahilly, and a stepson, Caspian Rabone.

What was the first record played on Radio Caroline?

Simon Dee followed the now famous ‘Caroline bell’ by introducing the station “Hello everybody. This is Radio Caroline broadcasting on 199, your all day music station” Simon then introduced Christopher Moore’s programme. The first record played was Not Fade away by The Rolling Stones.

What happened Radio Caroline?

Despite the sinking, Radio Caroline lives on. Its last ship was the MV Ross Revenge and it kept going at sea until November 5, 1990, when it ran out of supplies and closed down.

Does Radio Caroline still exist?

Radio Caroline was founded in 1964 and broadcast from ships until 1991, when the Ross Revenge was shipwrecked off the Kent coast. The station continued to exist, and is currently an internet and digital service.

How many listeners does Radio Caroline have?

At one time both stations were even claiming more than 8.8 million listeners each. Nowadays, Radio Caroline has to resort to other sources. Luckily, up till the end of last year, the station succeeded in selling a lot of airtime to American religious organisations.

How can I listen to Caroline?

You can listen to live online radio from Radio Caroline for free. Apps: we may also list official apps to help you tune in on Radio Caroline’s page.

How did Radio Caroline get its name?

O’Rahilly named the station after Caroline Kennedy, daughter of U.S. president John F. Kennedy. On a fund-raising trip to the U.S., O’Rahilly reportedly saw a Life magazine photograph of Kennedy and his children in the Oval Office that served as the inspiration for the name “Caroline Radio”.

How true is the boat that rocked?

According to director Richard Curtis, the film, though inspired by real British pirate radio of the 1960s, is a work of historical fiction and does not depict a specific radio station of the period.

How many pirate radio stations were there?

By 1989, there were over 60 pirate radio stations operating in London alone. While the first pirates – from Sunrise to Centreforce to Fantasy – mostly played music from America and European countries like Belgium, it didn’t take long for the British youth to start doing their own thing.