What Holiday Is March 29 2019?

What historical event happened on March 29?

1973 – Vietnam War: The last United States combat soldiers leave South Vietnam.

1973 – Operation Barrel Roll, a covert American bombing campaign in Laos to stop communist infiltration of South Vietnam, ends.

1974 – NASA’s Mariner 10 becomes the first space probe to fly by Mercury..

Who died March 29?

LISTSNameOccupationDeathLou SabanFootball29-Mar-2009William SchollBusiness29-Mar-1968Robert Falcon ScottExplorer29-Mar-1912Georges SeuratPainter29-Mar-189136 more rows

Why is March 30 Doctors Day?

Charles B. Almond, and the date chosen was the anniversary of the first use of general anesthesia in surgery. On March 30, 1842, in Jefferson, Georgia, Dr. Crawford Long used ether to anesthetize a patient, James Venable, and painlessly excised a tumor from his neck.

What is celebrated on March 29?

March HolidaysDateHolidayCategorySun Mar 29National Mom and Pop Business Owners DaySpecial InterestSun Mar 29National Smoke and Mirrors DayFunMon Mar 30Doctors’ DayHealthTue Mar 31National Crayon Day107 more rows

Is March 30 2020 a holiday?

2020 Daily Holidays that fall on March 30, include: National Doctors Day. National I Am In Control Day. Seward’s Day – March 30, 2020. Take A Walk In the Park Day.

Who was born on March 29?

Today’s famous birthdays list for March 29, 2020 includes celebrities Lucy Lawless, Eric IdleTop celebrity birthdays on March 29, 2020.Comedian Eric Idle turns 77.Actor Brendan Gleeson turns 65.Actress Marina Sirtis turns 65.Actor Christopher Lambert turns 63.Rock singer Perry Farrell turns 61.More items…•

What happened in history on April 29th?

Today’s Highlight in History: On April 29, 1945, during World War II, American soldiers liberated the Dachau (DAH’-khow) concentration camp. … In 1946, 28 former Japanese officials went on trial in Tokyo as war criminals; seven ended up being sentenced to death.

What happened March 30th?

1965 – Vietnam War: A car bomb explodes in front of the United States Embassy, Saigon, killing 22 and wounding 183 others. … 1981 – U.S. President Ronald Reagan is shot in the chest outside a Washington, D.C., hotel by John Hinckley, Jr.; three others are wounded in the same incident.

What holiday falls on March 30th?

National Doctor’s DayNational Doctor’s Day: National Doctors Day, celebrated every year on March 30th, is a day meant to bring attention to the service of all physicians — living or dead — and their contribution to individual health and medical progress.

What is the National Day for March 28?

Observed each year on March 28th, National Something on a Stick Day is a food holiday that lets you use your creative talents. Once you get started, the possibilities are endless. Foods that come on a stick are fun and easy to eat. There isn’t much that can’t be put on a stick when talking about food.

Is March 29th a federal holiday?

National Vietnam War Veterans Day is a US holiday observed annually on March 29. It recognizes veterans who served in the US military during the Vietnam War.