What Level In Homescapes Do You Unlock The Kitchen?

What is the order of the rooms in homescapes?

UpstairsThe Living Room – 6 Days(5th Area)The Party Room – 6 Days(7th Area)The Library – 6 Days(8th Area)The Guest Room – 6 Days(9th Area)The Relaxation Room – 6 Days(10th Area).

How do you beat level 88 on homescapes?

Homescapes Level 88 Tips#1 Our most important tip of all would be to take your time because there is no time limit. … #2 Match pieces at the location that’ll shift the largest amount of pieces. … #3 Keep your eyes open for opportunities to make special pieces. … #4 This tip is a follow-up on our second tip.More items…

How do you get unlimited coins on homescapes?

Get more Coins — It means that users need to earn more and more Coins. The easy and simple way to earn Coins is by reading more numbers of stories and chapters in the game. The resources are earned by completing more chapters and by reading more stories. One should earn enough keys by applying the Homescapes cheats.

Who wins the battle level 88?

Here’s the solution for Brain Test Level 88 Who wins the battle. Answer: Drag the 100 from the “100 knights” and place it over the 100 in “100 barbarians”.

How many levels does it take to complete homescapes?

5480 levelsAs Homescapes is a match-3 game, levels are the main objective, each with a unique puzzle that must be solved in order to progress. At present there are 5480 levels. Playrix tries their best to release 30 new levels each Thursday.

What room comes after the Orangery in homescapes?

After the orangerie/garden, the game goes back to the house and you remodel the Living Room.

How do I get unlimited lives on homescapes?

2) Go to the settings of your iOS or Android device. 3) Turn Airplane mode on. 4) Go to your date and time and turn your auto date and time off so you are able to change the current day date to the following day. When you now open Homescapes you will have a full 5 lives again.

What is the last room in homescapes?

The Living Room is the fifth room that Austin restored in the Mansion.

Which is better gardenscapes or homescapes?

The only difference is that for Gardenscapes, there are more rewards compared to Homescapes. You can grow plants and spin a game wheel to receive a variety of power-ups and a few hours of endless lives. Read and discover all the things that you can do in the game, including making butterflies appear in Gardenscapes!

Is homescapes game safe?

Parents need to know that Homescapes is a simple match-3 puzzle game paired with a home decorating simulator, and as such, has no objectionable content. Players can use real-world money to purchase in-game currency, which is then used to continue playing or to buy power-ups.